This license applies to the use of all Michal Jakl applications that are currently available on the Google Play portal.

- The application can be used free of charge
- It is forbidden to modify or distribute the application as your own, including all its parts
- The application does not send any data that the user does not mark and allow to be sent
- If sensitive and personal user data is collected, it is securely stored in a database and used only for the purpose of running applications. They are not shared with any third party. The author undertakes to delete all these sensitive and personal data at the request of the user.
- Audiovisual material provided to users for the purposes of the application remains the property of users. The creators of the applications only have the right to use the material within the applications and for possible promotion.
- It is forbidden to use applications or their components and data for activities that violate the laws of the country or good morals!
- The author of the application does not assume responsibility for the consequences caused by its use by both the user and third parties

Last update 27. 12. 2021, 19:27