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Mobile and web application programmer. GIS specialist and university teacher. Enthusiastic homebrewer and beer lover. Proud cat owner. Lover of nature, its protection and staying in it. Let this web presentation speak for all my public activities.

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Aplikace do přírody


Mobile applications for the Android platform, which inspire you to many expeditions into nature and during them will help and teach you! Discover the past hidden in time! Extinct villages, small monuments, empty houses and many other witnesses of the past hide interesting stories! Do you need to spend the night unplanned during your wanderings in nature? Even with that, my applications will help you!

Pověsti a legendy

Android + Web

The largest online database of tales and legends not only from the Czech Republic. Explore the literary past and folk culture of the country!


YouTube channel


Since 2024, I have started video production on my YouTube channel mjakl.cz, where I add interesting videos from my travels and life in general.


Pozitivní Ústí

Web + Real life

Ústí nad Labem is a city of many beauties, attractions and clever people. Unfortunately, they are often hidden and obscured by the unflattering public image of our city. This website aims to change this picture and introduce you to the good we have in Ústí!

Závod tří vrchů

Web + Real life

I have completed this extreme marching pair race ten times as a racer. Gradually, I became more and more involved in the organization, until I became an integral part of the narrower preparation team as the head of the IT and Media section.



Mobile game Alone brings an unique experience of survival in nature. The minimalist concept hides a sophisticated simulator of a wild landscape, where your goal will be to survive until you find a civilization or you are found by a rescue mission.

Raketa homebrewery

Real life

I like beer. Not only as a drink, but also as a craft or art product. That's why I brew my own beer at home. Are you interested in how and what?


At the Faculty of the Environment of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, I have been teaching the following subjects at the Department of Geoinformatics since 2020:

Web design

Databases in geoinformatics



When a muse just kisses me, I'll write something. If you are interested in my artistic literary work, please go to my literary blog.

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Mgr. Michal Jakl
Ústí nad Labem - Czech Republic